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    Our Service Times:     

    Sundays:  Morning:  10 A.M.  

                    Evening     6 P.M. ( WHEN ANNOUNCED)

Our services are focused on worshipping and praising the Lord through singing of  traditional/ conservative music, praying, and learning from His Word.   

“Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God.” “For He is thy Lord and worship thou Him.” (Luke 4:8; Psalm 45:11).

All are welcome for Prayer and Bible Study every Friday Morning: 10 A.M. "Prayer has the power to open our eyes to behold the wondrous things out of God's Word (Psalm 119:18). It's wonderful how the Bible opens up to someone who looks to God in earnest, believing prayer to interpret it for him. Difficulties vanish, obscure passages become clear as day, and old, familiar portions become luminous with new meaning, living with new power. Prayer will do more than a theological education to make the Bible an open book. Only people of prayer can understand the Bible".

THE IMPORTANCE OF A GOOD CHURCH=We are advised to forsake not “the assembling of ourselves together”(Hebrews 10:25) . The benefit derived from this is illustrated by the fact that several lighted logs BURN BRIGHTLY TOGETHER but  put one on the cold hearth and the FIRE on that one GOES OUT.  So it is with our relationship with other Christians. If you don’t  belong to any church today, don’t wait to be invited. Take the initiative. Visit a nearby church where Christ is honoured and His Word preached. Start this week!